Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

A small world after all

Never ever gave a thought to exploring social networks. I thought foolish for me, more for my grandchildren, certainly not me. How very wrong I was. Always considered myself to be non judgmental and involved and evolved. I was brought up to give back to the community by my mother and I did, for over fifty years. We should know ourselves, and at 78, if I didn’t, who then? You shouldn’t arrive at “a certain age” without a degree of wisdom ,and the desire to inspire. Well, I must admit I was very wrong about the world of connecting and connection. In March, I started my blog, about observations and issues, not just involving women. We are, after all, so much alike when we think alike. It is five months later, and I have over 300 followers on twitter. Facebook, eighty-eight “friends.” Sadly, many of mine are deceased or not on computers. Discovering, and being part of the twitter world has become an integral part of my social network life,and brings me a sense of fun and joy. I have been welcomed by people of all ages and colors…from all parts of the world, and what a small world it is when connecting on an emotional level. No judging by age, color, or anything for that matter. If you’re spiritual, they will find you…vegetarians, here we are….believers and people of faith of course, non believers as well….singles, single moms, single dads, all business’s and professions represented,….animal lovers galore…LGBT community, straight community,….musicians of all genre’s,…comedians,…artists….the entire creative community, and the non creative groups. I’m sure I may have left out a few, and I apologize, so please feel free to weigh in, reply and add-on. What I didn’t find and looked for, were people in my age group…but that’s ok, because each and every one of you has given me a most satisfying and glorious experience. To inspire has been a goal and I have received validation enough to feel the joy of accomplishment. The world can be such a wonder filled peaceful place. Making a difference might be possible. I thank you all most sincerely.

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