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A New York Thing?

Walking on West 95th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, I came across a used tossed out huge navy blue couch on the sidewalk, surrounded by many garbage bags. A large sign placed right on the couch said SOFA..NO BEDBUGS. I swiftly walked away thinking a whole lot of trust would have to go into the decision of making that sofa your own…but in New York City, you never know…

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  1. I don’t think it has anything to do with New York City, When you don’t have anything trust would not be an issue.

    • The bedbug issue is the New York thing and just because the sign said none, there is the trust problem. Meant more for the humorous edge. Thanks always for your comments and loved reading the Oscar Wilde book on the train..


    Shopping on the streets of N.Y. can be very rewarding…certainly the price is right!
    Several years ago I spotted a small Bar table perfect for a party I was giving that very evening. My doorman brought to me on his break. Perfect!

    I placed it back on the street the next morning for another persons party.

  3. True and read about people actually furnishing an apt. with street goodies…someone’s garbage can be someone else’s treasures. Thanks always for your comments.

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