Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

This is a wonderful organization for any animal lover. They strive to protect all animals. “We promised our furry loved ones a lifetime of care, and in return, they gave us their hearts….Unconditional love lasts forever”. I used most of the words they put on their cards they give away to members to send to someone who has lost a loved pet. “Each beloved pet will always hold a special place in our hearts. Angels Rest at Best Friends is a peaceful and serene final resting place for animals as we honor their memories and spirit.”
The Rainbow Bridge is a comfort to read and please give link to anyone who has lost a loved pet. For the first time in my life, I am without a dog. At one time I had two West Highland terriers. Such a happy time in my life. Duffy lived to be almost 18, and Maggie promised me she would live to be 20. Sadly she didn’t keep her promise, and died at almost 15.Grateful for all the years…Also had a boxer Molly who died very young at 8…and then of course, as a child, I had Trixie, Snuffy, Buffy, and everyone of them, in my soul forever….Since I can’t deal with the emotions in losing them anymore, I get my fix with Lucky, my Havenese canine grandson near me, and when I visit in Calif. I have another, Buddy..They think he’s a Schnoodle..I hesitate to say, but he’s as much a Schnoodle as I am..He’s a Heinz..about 57 varieties…but nevertheless a love. To all out there with pets, cheers to them having a lovely long life…and of course their owners as well.

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