Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I wrote a blog several months ago called Friendship Garden. Weeding occasionally the toxic plants, to have new and thriving beautiful ones in their place. I continue to do this. Since I have been visiting more often and staying longer in Virginia, I have had the seeds planted for wonderful new friends. I adore my brothers wife, and we are loving sisters. Naturally her friends are women that I am honored to be with. A true mutual connection. I have a friend, my husband and I met in Paris, when she was on her honeymoon. I rarely see, her busy grandmother schedule, and my living in New York, but the soul connection is alive and well. I have come to the realization that the years have nothing to do with how a friendship thrives. It’s about love and understanding each other. When your friends “get you” and you “get them”…(sorry for the simple words, but so much meaning behind them)…a reading between the words and lines moment for you. Since April, I have been on social networks with Facebook, my blog, and Twitter. The Land of Twitter has been the most nourishing because of the very young followers and hearing their voices. After all, they will be taking over this world someday, and hopefully making it a better place. I have met new friends on Twitter with a very strong connection. Having over 700 followers from every country is amazing and fulfilling for me, because my words are validated, and there is no greater reward…so what’s the point of all this. Simple. Surrounding yourself with nourishing people feeds your soul as eating nourishing food feeds your body. Both essential to live a balanced life.

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  1. A sound mind in a sound body

  2. Thanks Graenum for your comment..

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