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A Toast to All

Over 50 years ago, I toasted to my husband ,and my family knows that with every occasion, I use the same words. I pass them on once again, and to all my new wonderful followers on Twitter. It has been a fantastic validating experience to be in a place with such diversity and kindness. “I wish you what you wish for yourself.” A dear friend of mine on Facebook responded to something I wrote. “Never let someone’s negative energy be contagious to you.” She wrote about staying away from the “energy vampires”. On Twitter, a follower said the way to keep away the “energy vampires” is with garlic and the Buddhist chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Whatever positive emotional and physical empowerment you use is essential, and of course recognizing the person or thing…the “energy vampire” cannot survive near positive energy.

Twitterland/The Land of Twitter

  • Once upon a time, I knew of a land called Twitter. I also knew I would never venture into such a strange and unfamiliar place. I had preconceived ideas that it was a land mostly inhabited by teenagers and celebrities tweeting about what they ate and when they went some place, any place. I also knew that most of them had assistants doing their tweeting. In March I started my blog and went on Facebook. April, my birthday month, was when I took the risk of going on Twitter, still thinking it was foolish on my part. How wrong I was. Not only does the world become a smaller place, the Twitter world can also be a very gentle place, overflowing with people who think and feel as you do….about all that matters to you. The connections can be quite heartfelt, and common bonds with those of all ages, (not mine though) all colors, and from all parts of the world and country. At times the connections become so meaningful that email addresses are exchanged as well. I am proud to say that this day brought my 500th follower…Bill from Buffalo and I thank him for following me. All my followers are mutually chosen, and I am not really interested in buying followers which can be done. A definite smile moment when everyday the element of surprise enters my morning. Might be a new follower, a RT or a fave…because my words are appreciated, I have received enormous validation. What was once an alien world has become my neighborhood. Try it, you might like it. I send again to all my followers, a sincere thank you, and for making me feel so welcomed. Foolishness? Not at all…Meaningful…you bet!
  • Happy/Grateful

    “A New York State of Mind?” or any state or place. Just my thoughts…Happy? Sometimes…Grateful? All Times…Wishing all to be grateful for what you have, and happy when you can, for all that you are grateful for. Not too difficult. We sometimes clutter up our lives with people who shouldn’t be dwelling in the emotional homes we have created for them. Be cautious landlords, and only allow those you trust into your homes of love. As I have said before, A beautiful healthy tree, will remain that way, even when a few broken branches fall off.

    New York Moment

    Sitting on the 79th Street Crosstown bus going West, when the gentleman next to me said rather loudly “really now.” I wasn’t talking on my phone, not wearing offensive perfume, an innocent. I quickly replied “what?”…and he just as quickly said, “oh, I’m just talking to myself.” Oh well, I certainly don’t want to interrupt the two of you. He laughed and thought my remark was amusing enough to call a friend,to tell him about this little New York moment. We talked a bit, and he told me he was a Catholic priest on his way to a hospice call, adding that he gives dignity and grace when most needed. I was happy I gave him a little comic relief.

    The Words of Daisaku Ikeda

    President of Soka Gakkai International, a lay Buddhist association pursuing the value of peace, education, and culture. I find his words timeless and hope you find some enjoyment. Just a sampling. ‘Genuine happiness can only be achieved–when we focus on ‘being more’ rather than simply having more”…..”Increase your joy by doing the good you wish to have done to you”…. “Before comparing yourself with others, win the battle with yourself.Strive to be better than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today”…..”Art is the liberation of the humanity inside yourself.”…. “Life is by nature a process of ongoing challenge and constant change. The important thing is not to be fearful…..Boldness builds a strong self.”…. “Friendly greetings serve as an opening to heart-to-heart exchange from which we can set out onto the great ocean of friendship”….”When we draw strength from within,our outlook undergoes a dramatic transformation, everything around us looks completely different.” “The greatest tragedy in life is not to die, it is to live as if dead to let the life within us wither.” “Never give up. Never retreat.”

    New York Love Stories, Sharing What’s In Your Heart…….My Heart

    There are times, especially if you are prone to high emotions, that you experience love on a very spiritual level. Family,friends, or experiences. I was fortunate to have such a day and evening, and so grateful. I know everyone doesn’t have this in their lives, and I wish they did. First, I received an email from my dear niece in Virginia. Her daughter, my enchanting grandniece shared her fortune cookie with me…and who doesn’t read fortune cookies. This one said Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. I experienced, and that is what I do, whenever I see a Woody Allen film, his latest, Blue Jasmine. Wonderful cast led by Cate Blanchett. The film was terrific, and I enjoyed, but it was the person I was with, that made the day and night so perfect. My son’s wife, I call her my “daughter in love,” and without getting overly personal, she is a daughter in every way but the birth process. She brings sunshine to the lives of others. We saw the coming attraction of the film Cutie and the Boxer. A New York love story that explores the chaotic 40 year marriage of boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko. A line in the film “We’re like two flowers in one pot.” I do believe, feelings of overflowing love give you memories that last a lifetime.

    Meaningful words…

    “The sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.”………………and if I believe at 78, in the words of Walt Whitman, so shall you.

    Mistake Sorry

    Writing at 3am is a bit late, and mistakes are bound to happen. I quoted Oscar Wilde, and misspelled his play. ..this is corrected. “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be an artist.” The Decay of Living……Thank you for understanding and hopefully you find good enough to read twice.

    The Wit of Oscar Wilde

    A dear friend gave me a copy and made the 6 hour train ride from Richmond, Virginia back home to NYC so pleasant. I would like to share some of my favorite quotes. A little background: Oscar Wilde was born in Ireland in 1864. He died in 1900 and wrote many brilliant witty plays and the following quotes come from his plays and his everyday thoughts.
    …….”People sometimes equate what form of government it is most suitable for an artist to live under. To this question there is only one answer. The form of government most suitable to the artist is no government at all.” from The Soul of Man Under Socialism…..”No work of art ever puts forward views. Views belong to people who are not artists.”…..”No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be an artist.” from The Decay of Lying….”The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man is.” “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”—– “She looks like a woman with a past. Most pretty women do.” from An Ideal Husband. “Modern women understand everything except their husbands.”—– “I think that generosity is the essence of friendship.” from The Devoted Friend…………………………Thank you dear Tauran for your generosity. I’m glad you are in my life.

    I correct… A favorite quote I credited Oscar Wilde with is “Fashion can be bought style one must possess.” words of Edna Woolman Chase…also writing at 3am made mistake in The Decay of Lying, not Decoy.

    A New York Thing?

    Walking on West 95th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, I came across a used tossed out huge navy blue couch on the sidewalk, surrounded by many garbage bags. A large sign placed right on the couch said SOFA..NO BEDBUGS. I swiftly walked away thinking a whole lot of trust would have to go into the decision of making that sofa your own…but in New York City, you never know…