Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I read a tweet that resonated with me in a huge way. Age is just a number, not a limitation….and it was tweeted by a 17-year-old boy. Women of a “certain age” seem to find it difficult to get acting roles. So, I decided to do a little research , and check on the ages of some working actresses, and couldn’t leave out Joy. I was blown away Sunday evening, when Ellen Burstyn accepted her Emmy for Political Animals. She looked gorgeous, and in her short speech, she especially thanked the writer Greg Berlanti who wrote a part “for a woman over 65 who still had a lot of juice.” Additional “juice” to share. Blythe Danner..70.. Dame Helen Mirren..68..Cher..67.. Diane Keaton..67..Carol Channing..91..Betty White..92..Angela Lansbury..88..Cloris Leachman..87.. Debbie Reynolds..81.. Maggie Smith..79..Chita Rivera..80..Tina Turner..73.. Carol Burnett..80..Joy Beher..70..Dame Judy Dench..78..Shirley MacLaine..79..Vanessa Redgrave..76.. Jane Fonda..76..Barbra Streisand..71..Cecily Tyson..79..This is a partial list, and I know left out so many, but the point wasn’t to just make a list. These women are fantastic role models. proving that age is just a number, and in no way, a limitation. Their creative juices runneth over, and may they continue for years to come. The message applies to all women. Not just a silent list, but a statement loud and clear. As Chelsea Handler shouts out, “You go girl.”

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