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Size Matters, Guys

At my age, with some interesting experiences, I feel I can speak with honestly on this subject.I have been involved in women’s issues for over 50 years, and speaking to hundreds of women, I feel I speak for them as well. So, size does matter. Let’s start with the eyes…large enough to really see you in all your glory…nose…large enough to take in your lovely scent and the aroma of you…lips…large enough to know how to kiss over ten seconds…over and over again…over and over again…ears to hear the music ..Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange for a start, would be mood evoking…arms and this is important…large enough to give a really good hug, that keeps that you really feel…and keep feeling even after…size of a man’s patience to wait for you…and two very important sizes? The size of a man’s heart to know what your heart needs to know and feel, and the size of a man’s soul that overflows enough to fill yours. So yeah guys, size really does matter. ………………..I also think it should be compulsory for every freshman boy to see Coming Home with Jon Voight and Jane Fonda.

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    I love the ironic twist……….

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