Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I wrote a blog called Friendship Garden that has to do with letting go of some friends at a time in my life when it was necessary for my well-being. Toxic people have always been just that. Toxic, and we are the ones to know how to identify them. For me the pivotal time arrived when my husband died so suddenly, and my grief was being judged. I had choices, and one of my choices was to move to New York to be closer to immediate family and friends. I have said over and over again that positive energy family and friends are my emotional transfusions. There does come a time though, when very negative people can try to take away your own sense of being, and then you know when they can no longer be in your life.They challenge you constantly. It becomes rather simple, and should be done without anger. It just means that at different times of your life, there are different people who mean a great deal. The amount of years hasn’t the meaning as being understood and not misunderstood by friends. To have dear friends who really “get you” is a priceless gift. I have many young twitter followers who always seems to get into problems with potential or non potential loves. One or the other wants and the other not so sure. A good rule of thumb? ” If you don’t care, I care less.” When it’s right, I tell them, it’s so easy. No fighting and never wondering, “does he love me? Does he care? What is he really thinking? How can I make him love me? …..or substitute she. If looking for a serious relationship of any kind, there must be a connection, and if there is none, then just let it go. It saves you so much emotional time and energy that can be spent in a much more positive way. Broken hearts stay for a very long time, and should be protected before you give away your love to the wrong person. So now on twitter, there is a very easy way to let go of a connection. Simple, you just unfollow and that’s that. Quite painless actually. For me, outside the twitter world, I hold on until I need to let go. In Lovely Land of Twitter, I rarely do the unfollow until someones unfollows me. Unless you have been on twitter, you have no idea how quickly and lovely strong connections are formed. We will never unfollow each other… I can’t say that for the world outside, but I always make room for new thriving nourishing plants and flowers.

Comments on: "Friends In Life and Twitter Life" (2)

  1. This is a lovely post Paulette. I understand completely!! Been there… recently in fact.
    Keep watering! 🙂

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