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Please Not Tampa!!

8:15 flight to West Palm Beach. No problem. I knew from a past nightmare kind of experience to leave very early for the airport. Traffic can be at a standstill. I once left and thought more than enough time, over one hour..Arrived at airport when my plane was boarding, and I was whisked through security and made the flight. The flight attendant said the plane was half full……I explained that many of the passengers were delayed on the highways to the airport.
I was so out of breath since I don’t recall the last marathon I was in. Think I can’t recall since it never happened. So, I was picked up at 6pm and no traffic, very relaxing ride. Jet blue has a huge new terminal at JFK. Went through security with ease. Although a “dangerous” object must have been spotted, because they had to search my luggage. Turns out my 3lb weight was the object in question. All systems go and on my way to the gate to West Palm Beach. Boarded early. and was comfortable in my extra room seat chatting with my seat mate. She telling me several times how exhausted she was from a 7 hour layover. I mentioned she might enjoy a nap, and she agreed. I had mounds of papers and magazines to sift through. So, all strapped in –ready to go–plane starts to taxi and flight attendant announces time and weather conditions in Tampa.It took me one second to say without screaming “I’m on the wrong plane, thinking I was headed for the twilight zone. The flight attendant acted swiftly, telling me to please seat down as she made a quick call. The plane taxied back to terminal. “What time is it please, did my plane leave yet, this has never happened ever to me before,” I said in a voice bordering controlled panic.”Your plane is leaving in 5 minutes.” Fortunately I only take carry-on. Back at the terminal, an escort came on board to take my luggage and literally run with me to Gate 5, not far from 4 where I boarded. As I left the plane, I turned and meekly said to the full plane to Tampa, “I’m so sorry, I’ve been flying for 65 years and this has never happened.” I’m sure they were pleased to hear that after many of them just experienced a 7 hour lay over.Silence, no one yelled out, no problem have a safe flight wherever etc etc……………Left and in a flash, I was running on to my waiting plane. Running is not my best sport. I do prefer yoga and zen feelings. More crazed than zen at the moment.So, now with my vivid imagination, I was petrified. Oh Universe forbid, which plane was the one to you know what?Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be in West Palm Beach, were forces guiding me to Tampa after one in the morning with no place to go???What was the meaning behind all this? My own stupidity of course, was going to be my last conclusion. I did quietly blame the new person who took my boarding pass. She was in training and never glanced at my pass. Bottom line, I was the nitwit, no other excuse……………Happily I landed safe and sound at my original destination I have never been to Tampa and not on my bucket list.Later I was relieved to find Tampa passengers arrived safe and sound as well…….Told my son and daughter in love my story and I fear they have Esplanade on their mind. (a lovely senior residence in NYC.) I may have to run away………….to Tampa after all…

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    So funny…….and so well written…great tension!

  2. Thanks for reading and appreciating. Did a follow up as well.Your comments mean so much to me, as you know.

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