Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

So now to my return to JFK from West Palm Beach, not Tampa. Left at 8pm and surprisingly easy to find the correct gate since it does have your destination printed in rather large letters. I swear on a stack of dark chocolate bars that I didn’t see Tampa. Not sure I saw anything. I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I felt I had to report the situation that happened. I spoke to a supervisor at West Palm Beach and she said I was being too hard on myself when I referred to myself as a nitwit. I did wonder why my boarding pass didn’t go through the scan three times. Certainly a bit of a hint something was not right. That was when the woman who was training the one who took my pass, took it from her, and just ripped off the portion they needed. The supervisor said that is something that is never done and anyone in training is told if a boarding pass doesn’t scan, check it over. So some of the foolishness on my part was eased a bit by knowing it was a major mistake. It is also a very costly mistake to the airlines. Hopefully a bill from Jet blue for bringing the aircraft back to the terminal will not be arriving in my mailbox. Such a great feeling boarding the flight to JFK and feeling a little smug when I heard weather conditions and flying time to NYC. The Tampa experience was not going to be a recurring flight pattern for me.

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