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Heartfelt Thanks

At this beginning of this New Year, I would like to thank everyone that reads my blog. If you follow, or read on other social networks, I thank you most kindly for supporting me, and as Sally Fields once said, “liking me.” and the bonus is when you leave a comment, or I am notified on email. The creative process is a combination of the agony and the ecstasy. Most creative people have somewhat of a soul connection to each other. We often experience life in a very different way. Our senses are enhanced and our dreams are often unrealized. I have had articles published, but as yet the 80,000 word women’s humor fiction novel has yet to be. I have a co-author, and we are doing some editing, and hope to submit again soon. We thought about self publishing since there is no stigma against. A self published author won the Pen Award this year. What is thrilling to me are twitter followers from all over the world, and to know my words are being read and appreciated is gratitude beyond what I can even express. I have a passion for writing, and find that it’s a great release for creative energy. Designing clothing was fun and exciting to see others wearing my designs, but writing comes from a part of your heart and soul, that is more of a spiritual experience that is a bit difficult to describe.I will end this post with one of my favorite quotes and hope you enjoy as well. “The sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.” Walt Whitman……………..May your songs be sung in 2015 and beyond.

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  1. Jill Cofsky said:

    Best wishes for success with your novel! Continue to follow your passion! Happy New Year!

  2. Reblogged this on mother nature is a man and other observations.. and commented:

    New Beginnings for all

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