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Lazy is Good

What a delicious day it is…about 7 inches of snow and freezing freezing out there. Plans cancelled for last night and today, and fine with that. Hoping to get to Lincoln Center Jazz tomorrow night with a good friend who is moving to the city. A lovely bonus being able to enjoy events with her. I plan on visiting 97-year-old Edith tomorrow. I wrote a blog about her called Her Wonderful Spirit. Her favorite saying is “you take yourself wherever you go.” She keeps telling me “age is just a number.” and her other words of wisdom…”don’t go looking for a man. If he’s meant to be in your life, he will be there, in your path.” This lazy kind of day, I think of Edith who needs to be busy the entire day taking advantage of all the activities at the Senior Residence she lives in. She closes up the place at about 11pm after an evening of dinner, movie or live entertainment and rummy Q. So other than being on the computer, I must say my pile of papers are still my pile of papers. I have bright orange folders to put in all the scraps of paper I write on, newspaper articles to reference, and a few small mounds of other papers. It’s 5pm and my deadline is 6pm to do my morning hour routine. Chanting, yoga, and weights. All contributing to a zen feeling. Not eating boxes of candy, not downing bottles of vodka or wine, not popping pills, just chilling in a positive way…………………and the best part of all??? NO GUILT…I will get to those paper though. Soon

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    There’s so much depth and wisdom to Edith’s “You take yourself wherever you go”……

    It speaks to an identity not dependent on outside forces,influences. It could be out of the pages of my favorite spiritual guide,Eckhart Tolle.

  2. Wise words to live by indeed. Always appreciate your wise words as well. Thank you.

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