Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

What a fun great show that was. With all the reality shows, I wrote to Andy Cohen at Bravo and wanted to know why there wasn’t one show with women over 60? It could address so many issues and be humorous and poignant. Are the demographics only directed at those way under 60? I wrote to Linda Wells of Allure magazine over 15 years ago and asked why everything stops at 40…Now they go to 50. We really don’t drop off the earth and all the 20 somethings are going hopefully to be over 60, someday. I have actually known women over 70 who still shop, still wear cosmetics, eat, drink, walk, do yoga, involved with nutrition, and the list goes on. They even want sex or shall I say delicately, they want someone normal to be in their lives and make love. Oh, I almost forgot, they go to theater, films, jazz clubs, comedy clubs, opera, and any other creative venue. you see them all over the place. You see them having dinner together and sharing everything. Well, not everything. So Linda Wells liked my idea of having older women give their secrets, and said she would pass on to the another editor. Never heard back. Pitched an idea to Andy Cohen about a show called No Sex In The City. Never heard from him either. Then I took a humorous approach and called the Bachelorette Show and suggested they have an older woman. No, not me…too ridiculous to think of finding love on television, but I certainly would watch. More and more baby boomers are getting up there in age. We can name stars that are still working and looking terrific in the 60-90 range. My grandchildren don’t think of me as an old lady, but guess Andy Cohen does. . Isn’t there anyone out there who thinks a woman can be a certain age and still BE!!!!

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