Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

By Paula Paulette

…………so the story goes…….Once upon a time a young woman was having an affair with a married man. He had four children. The last thing he wanted was a pregnant girlfriend. He divorced his wife and made the decision to marry his girlfriend. She had a dear friend who begged her to have the baby, not so much for religious reasons, but because she knew her friend would regret the decision to abort, a child she very much wanted. Her friend offered her home and said she would care for both the young mom and her baby. A heartfelt gesture, but one not taken. Decision was made, she married her boyfriend, and had an abortion. It wasn’t an easy decision in “those days.” It was also very dangerous. She never became pregnant again. She would go to the mall occasionally, going in baby stores and gently caressing the clothes and stuffed animals. She wanted to walk with a carriage and pretended that she was interesting in purchasing. Every baby she saw, her eyes lingered in sadness and longing. Thirty years passed and she still hears cries from an empty womb. She never forgot. Happily, his children and later on grandchildren became hers. Her friend never understood why such a generous offer was not accepted, pleading with her at the time. There are no do overs and sadly the empty wombs stay empty…………………This was originally published in Please check Bershan Shaw and URAWarrior for other posts by me. Thank you kindly. In the year 2014 single women can have babies, not just in their mind, but in their arms. New York Times 4/14..”Abortion is not a crime, it’s a right.”

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