Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Thirty five years ago I met a new friend at a writing workshop. I had an idea for a book that I then decided what I was so sure about writing, I became unsure. My new friend suggested we do the book together, and that was the birth of our book together. She lived in New York City and I lived at the time in New Jersey. A genuine New Jersey housewife. My husband loved the whole idea of the book, and was very supportive ,but never understood the forever process…a forever process. The book is about two unlikely women becoming best friends forever, and their romp through middle age with a bit of astrology, revenge, and told secrets. My co-author said Thelma and Louise meet Wall Street and I added, but with a happier ending. These evolved women are not the type to go off a cliff, especially in a convertible.I have many creative souls on Twitter and we share in the process of trying to get our projects acknowledged. We sent out the manuscript to several, not many agents and they all said the same thing. Good writing, would make a good movie, and good plot…..but I guess not good enough to publish. True, the publishing business is not great right now and self publishing seems to be the way many writers are going. We want the old fashion way, and hope someday to get an agent who believes in our book. Amazing that I just don’t get discouraged. Disappointed perhaps at times. I truly believe the right person hasn’t read the book. A movie because the women are in their 50’s would be a terrific opportunity for so many women actors. Magical thinking? I don’t think so, I believe in timing. I will keep you posted. Good luck to any creative souls reading this who also have dreams. Timing!!!!!

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    And all it will take is just ONE offer….

    I believe it will happen.

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