Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Brave, wonder-filled, show women of every age, looking absolutely marvelous, wrinkles and all. Beauty of heart and soul shining brightly from within. How refreshing to experience them. Would love to see the entire magazine devoted to women over 60 who have secrets of their own to share. Perhaps bodies as well!!!! Browse any fashion magazine ( I rarely do) and what do you see? Styled women in their 20’s,30’s 40’s and some daring enough to go to the 50’s. It then ends. Where are the women 60-100? We’re out there. Reading, going to every cultural event, contributing, shopping and adding to economy still, living…. Having dinner with women friends, and what might be shocking? Drinking, having sex with or without a partner. Where legal, some even smoking weed. Why are their voices unheard?…In O there was a full-page devoted to a 100-year-old woman, still teaching and offering her wisdom. Proof that if in good health, age is just a number, not a limitation.. Wish more magazines would take the plunge.Jane Fonda at 76 doesn’t deny aging and her own mortality. She said “With age, I am able to appreciate beauty in small things, more than when I was younger, perhaps because I pay attention more.” Perhaps the media should pay more attention to women that can add their wisdom to the world.

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    I think the Western world with its focus on acquiring,status,appearances…mostly to the other….is therefore prone to deny older age,one’s normal decline,facing one’s ultimate mortality. One doesn’t find such fear,biases outside the Western countries. In fact there’s a celebration of wisdom acquired and respect earned.

  2. Thanks for you wise words and perhaps we should move to France.


    What a great idea!!!!I have lots of scarves ready to go.

    • Me too. Need Made in France authentic eau de parfum. Let’s go where “women of a certain age,” and beyond are appreciated!

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