Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I asked my friends in a very nice way not to say “where has the time gone.” I know where the time has gone and is going. Very Very quickly, and the older we get, it seems the faster it goes. I remember as a child, the long delicious days of summer seeming to last forever. Now they are showing fall and winter clothes in New York City shops. I find back to school pencils a bit annoying at this time. I do believe that should be illegal and stores fined by showing back to school in July and women’s fashions galore. Let me just enjoy August before it’s Labor Day. I decided this year to wear only white and bright colors all summer. Why? Because all the years before, it was October, and I realized I never wore my summer clothes. I do have a pact with some of my friends to never discuss the passing of time and not to ever say, “where did July go.I can’t believe it’s August.” I mean what is the point of noticing. I once read that “denial is a wonderful thing.” Thought it was Kitty Carlisle. Not only is it, but selective memory is quite a comfort when living alone and over-thinking becomes over-thinking. Time to get out the candle and clear the mind and meditate for five minutes. I consider myself grateful and fortunate having loving family and friends in my life. Something about a 700 square foot apartment with enough closets, also on my grateful list.The big switch from summer to winter becomes easier. Do I want to think about that now? Of course not….please lets enjoy August. By the way, where did July go? Rejoice in the last days of summer. With global warming, we may even have summer until October. But for those of you who buy new clothes every season, you better get to the stores, before they run out of wools in August.

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  1. As I sat and filled in my calendar this morning I realized my summer is almost gone and I feel like I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING! :-(School starts for me on the 25th but schools in KY where my daughter lives begin MONDAY! As in Aug 4! So…the back to school stuff at the stores is right on target for them and back to school shopping for clothes. *sigh* those were the days….. Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 17:45:50 +0000 To:

    • Thank you Courtney for your comment. So early, back to school in Aug. Colleges early as well. Have to start summer joys in April. I always appreciate your words.

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