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Honesty/ Trust Expectations

Often wonder why people are unable to be honest. Many hide beneath insincerity, and others hide behind truth. A friend told me a story of someone who not only unfriended her on Facebook, but blocked her as well. She never knew why. It was a mystery, and she of course wanted closure. I told her my favorite saying and personal philosophy….with a smile of course. “If you don’t care I care less.” It did get me thinking though of why someone would do that. She actually thought the person was a friend, not someone she saw socially, but an acquaintance, that I told her was the problem. The person should have never been on her Facebook page. Only friends should be on Facebook and that is why the list is called Friends. I’m on Twitter, and not often, but there are times when people unfollow you. The loyal followers stay and so many become lovely connections. When someone tells you how spiritual they are, or how much you should trust them, I personally am very wary. People you trust completely never have to say “trust me.” I try very hard to have high expectations for very few, and then, I am never disappointed. I did have a friend once who stopped getting my blogs because she thought I was referring to her when I brought up people with negative personality vs those with positive energy on a post I wrote. Had nothing to do with her, but as the saying goes, “if the shoe fits.” etc etc. It never hurt me at all. If we all think of times that people may have disappointed us, think if you had unrealistic expectations. The friends and family you consider to be your “emotional transfusions” will never hurt you, and if they do, then search within yourself, why you gave them so much power to begin with. When you empower yourself, and take the power from others or the situation, you achieve inner peace and emotional strengths. Wonderful Wonderful tools to use in your life. Negative energy is all around us. Just reading or listening to the news. It’s so much easier to live in the positive lane of your life. One of my favorite quotes to live by….”For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” Plato…..Be careful who you trust your emotions with, and always know the heart and brain must work as a team…

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    The shoe fits………

  2. Your first story is just another confirmation of reasons I am no longer on Facebook. People can be so self-absorbed they think everything is about them. My mother is like that. If you compliment someone else about their cooking in her presence then you must be saying she isn’t a good one? WHAT?
    I have learned to step back from people in my life who are not authentic. It is my word…. I do feel a sense of connection with some of the other bloggers though and it would make me very sad if I were to lose their friendship. But I have found that most of the bloggers I deal with are grown-ups and I am also not surprised by how many tell me they are NOT on FB either. I can pick and choose who I interact with, unlike FB where anyone and everyone who is friend or family member gets to see what everyone else says. That is where the drama starts…ugh!
    I am extremely careful with the people who I allow to be my “emotional transfusions” (love that phrase btw) it is an awesome description. It is also interesting that *I* am others support system but I do not allow them to be mine…does that make sense? They can trust me…and do, but I would NEVER trust them enough to give them the power to hurt me. I have been burned so badly in the past dealing with in-authenticity I don’t let many in. It is kind of ironic… :-/

    • Hi Courtney,
      Heartfelt thanks for reading and for sharing your words with me. So true that many people are self absorbed, and I like to call limited. My favorite words for those I trust and love in my life? Genuine and integrity. Authentic is also a wonderful word. When my husband died so suddenly, it was then my choice to make the decision to move out of New Jersey to New York. So many friends in New Jersey were superficial and not very meaningful friendships. We were all married and raising children together and that seemed to be the glue. When he died, I kept very few and those were “authentic” friends. I value. Believe that the heart and brain working as a team is essential. True about Facebook, and find blogging and Twitter much more of a creative process I enjoy. I value your opinion and our blogger closeness. If we lived near, we would probably be friends.It makes sense what you said, but wish you had a few that you trusted completely so you would also have the support system that you so richly deserve as well as giving. I think many of us, sensitive creative souls, have been hurt, betrayed and disappointed. How you then deal is more important than what they did. Over and done with and the past. The older I get the more I realize living in the moment and letting go of emotional pain is the only answer to living the mellow life. Love and appreciate these words and maybe you will too. “Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives”. Akshay Duley Let’s keep in touch.

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