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Friendship Garden

Nourishing plants thrive in your Friendship Garden

mother nature is a man and other observations..

Friends are like beautiful plants.  You nourish and cherish…but then, what happens when even friendships of over 50 years don’t work any more…no fighting or arguments, just too many differences the years have brought…..what to do? Just like a Garden of Love, the toxic plants must be removed to allow new growth. For every toxic person you let go of, a new free of hostility friend will come into your life..the same way you do physical cleaning, emotional cleansing is just as important.  It’s not the years of a friendship, that really count as much as the quality of understanding and compassion for one another. Letting go does get easier since you are letting go of negative energy ,and making room for all that is positive. Your Garden of Love will be a visual and emotional place of beauty and serenity.

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  1. BILL LUPO said:


  2. Thank you so much Bill for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support. Always a joy to have words that I have written read. Heartfelt thanks.

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