Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

There are so many wise quotes to select, but certain ones just seem to do the trick for me. Actually not a trick, but a working self therapy. Hope some of these find their way to you as well.

“Friends….They cherish one another’s  hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.” Henry David Thoreau

“Gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel. It elevates our moods and fills us with joy.” Living Positive

“What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open.” Jose Manuel Barroso

“There will  always be serendipity involved in discovery.” Jeff Bezos

“Love is, above all,  the gift of oneself.” Jean Anouith

“I had a second birth when my soul and my body loved one another and were married.” Kahlil Gibran

Just a few to ponder………. In April I will be having a milestone birthday that I will address when the cold eases and spring has arrived. Seems more appropriate to write about that coming of age when life is budding , than in the freezing barren  winter. One thing I have learned over the years is how to take care of myself. If one is fortunate to have good health……… then most of the time, you can heal yourself, emotionally and physically. Not all of course, but enough where  holistic healing and nutritional caring give back to you. Since my husbands sudden death over ten years ago, I began the quest for emotional housecleaning and wrote Friendship Garden. Necessary to surround yourself with positive people. You nourish each other. I try very hard to weed the toxic plants,  leaving just emotional beauty. I cherish my family and friends, and the bonus??? The feelings come right back. Toxic people are just plain toxic to themselves and others. . Positive over the negative. The ones who “get you” are  keepers. Be very careful who you let in.  I have always said the heart and  brain must work together as a team. One without the other is lost, and doesn’t work very well. At my age, to have people call you wise is a compliment beyond description. Wisdom doesn’t  automatically arrive at the same time as age. That is not a given. Wisdom is using  life’s experiences, knowledge, good judgement, and common sense. To be inspiring is to be joyful.

For the New Year, may we all use wisdom in our judgements and learn to trust our intuition. For those who believe…….that  ” thing” called intuition?  Our guardian angel whispering.


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    I love it!

    All good “knowings” to live by.

  2. Thank you for your comment.. “All good knowing you.”

  3. Great quotes and your thoughts are elegantly true. Eager to hear more about your milestone, Paulette 😀

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    “Wisdom is using life’s experiences, knowledge, good judgement, and common sense. To be inspiring is to be joyful.”

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    “Wisdom is using life’s experiences, knowledge, good judgement, and common sense. To be inspiring is to be joyful.”

  6. Angie, your support has always been appreciated and as I have said before, heartfelt. I feel so happy that we met and you read and comment. Your words mean more to me than I can even describe. Thank you for re-blogging and sharing with your readers. I agree about the feeling of joy when you make a mark or touch someones life with words. You do as well. I signed up for your blog and not sure why I don’t get new posts. Any ideas? The birthday post will take some time to ponder, because I would like it to be humorous and not all about aging, but more about it not being a limitation….providing of course if fortunate to have good health. I think Kitty Carlisle said “denial is a wonderful thing,” My friend Edith who is 97 always said age is just a number. Betty White is still working at 93. Lots of stories of being over 100 and not doing too badly. I found after reaching 70 and beyond, how grateful I am for family, friends, and of course health. Living in the moment is so important and definitely not sweating the small things. I am grateful for having you in my life and know if we lived closer, we would be friends. Lovingly, Paulette

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