Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

What descriptive words do you prefer if you are over a certain age?  Once you have joined the ranks of AARP.  I’m not a huge fan of  labels, but the media is. So what is it to be? Senior, Golden Age, Golden Years, Elderly, Old. Not fond of any of them, and yet we all seem to have labels. Not all of us want to do fit in the mold. So I thought if I had to have a new name for my blog, it would be. Visions From A Vintage Vantage. There are shops that cater to vintage merchandise.

Vintage can be very valuable…. Checked definition,  and other than wine, the words used to describe vintage are enduring, recognized, quality, interest, importance, quality, classic.

I’m OK with Vintage!

Comments on: "Another Word For Senior……Please!" (13)


    I don’t like anything that categorizes…it’s limiting.

  2. You are a vintage soul, dear friend.

  3. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Vintage vantage…like it..

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