Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


My dear friend Edith passed away recently at 97. I used to visit her at The Esplanade on the Upper West Side of NYC. A Senior Residence. Now it seems whenever I go to the West Side, I think of our visits. She had a favorite saying that she would say to me almost every time we had a visit. “You take yourself wherever you go.” Little did she know she was quoting Nietzsche. “We are always in our own company.”

I miss you my wise wonderful friend.

Comments on: "Unforgettable" (4)

  1. BILL LUPO said:

    You were very lucky to have such a wonderful friend in your life. May god Bless her on her new journey…. Bill

  2. Alan Shaw said:

    Clearly a very special friend and person. My sympathies for your loss.

    • Thank you Alan for your kind words. She was unforgettable. I wrote a blog about Her Wonderful Spirit. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate.

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