Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I might  be doing a post on experience with what appeared to be a catfish personality. He or she never  asked  for money, but something more important.  Trust. At my age,and with my  experience volunteering with the police department on  a domestic violence crisis team, a rape support team with the hospital,  years in dealing with women’s issues, I was certainly not the type to take the bait of a catfish. Not formerly trained, but have what is called “street smarts.” My purpose has been to inspire, and  write about  topics that would be helpful, and that  women could relate to. My email is on my blog, and would appreciate any stories you would like to share about experiences with a catfish. They are pathological liars and growing all the time on social networks. Women take the bait because they are looking for emotional and romantic connections….  Some simple rules to follow. If name is not on goggle or some social networks, it’s probably fake. Don’t think their  photographs are real, if you don’t meet, you don’t know. Spend as little time as possible emailing and chatting. After a few, meet and if not possible, then video chat. They won’t do that because you will see the real person. Talking on the phone is not enough proof.

I was doing a little research and baiting as well, because I wanted to beat him/her at their own game. Not easy to do. I sent pictures which I would never advise doing, and my email which also don’t do under normal circumstances. You have to know they have a need to deceive.,  you don’t want to be  their victim. Any stories that are sent to me, please know I will not use your name. You might feel empowered taking the power from the catfish and sharing your story.

Catfish belong in the sea, not in your life…..A liar is a liar is a liar.

Interesting,  when I confronted the person, they took offense and said I was paranoid instead of realizing they originally sent me false pictures , told me we would have a video chat which we didn’t,  false information about not having children, and other lies. They took little responsibility for why I lost trust. Emailing once again, they said everything from now on would be truth. Still no video chat which would prove somewhat who they were. I can’t  prove 100% that I was right, but in the beginning it was all lies and that was enough for me.

Perhaps this is all I need to say on the subject. This was not a pleasant experience, but one to learn by. A disappointment perhaps, but  just another one of life’s experiences that turn into lessons.

Comments on: "A Catfish Personality or Not????" (2)

  1. Needless to say, I have stopped all emails and feel quite intuitively and confidently this was no real person, but a catfish. Probably not from USA.

  2. “The trust of the innocent is the liars most useful tool.” Stephen King

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