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Jet Etiquette

Did trilogy about NYC apartment living. Etiquette in the Mail room, Elevator, and the Gym. Just to show how a  little friendliness and manners works.
Now faced with airplane situations. Jet Blue is great. They have no classes–but you can pay extra, and with that increase, you board early, seat of your choice, and  extra room. Reaching a certain age gives you permission to make some choices in your favor……such as an aisle seat up front. No guarantee who will be sitting next to you.

Recently had family outing to Salt Lake City, Utah with my oldest son, “daughter”. Three of us going and four coming back, including my granddaughter.

Going was a lovely surprise. My son bumped me up to First Class. A delight of comfort and joy. Delta had room galore and actually served free drinks and dinner. Also free entertainment.  Remember fondly when they made chocolate chip cookies and the entire First Class section had the scent of a bakery.  Also remember not so fondly, drunk passengers. Counting the amount consumed was a thing I did to pass the time.The more they drank, the louder they became. A great fear is when a child is sitting  in front of you, but staring at you and leaning over. The fear is them throwing up. It has happened. Fortunately not to me, but close enough to make me fearful forever.

When boarding, many seat mates just smile, sit down, put on eye shades, pop a pill and some wine, and are sleeping before take off.  That’s lovely. Next to an empty seat,second best. Some people never smile, never say hello, and seem rather grumpy and miserable. Watching them watching  a dark screen for hours seems a little odd. I do find the chatters, rather chatty and annoying. The only solution is putting on ear phones and listening or watching. Protective gear.

Flying back to NYC from Utah, Coach and  the middle seat was mine. A mother in the window seat about 60 and her daughter in the aisle seat.  Mother was pleasant enough. She smiled as she went to her seat. The daughter was very unpleasant and never changed her expression or say  thank you to the flight attendant. Some people are just miserable. There was no conversation. She would be all settled in with lap top and munchies on her tray with water, and if I had to go to the bathroom, she was somewhat rattled. Not up and down every few minutes, but on a four-hour flight, I got up twice. She definitely had issues. Maybe in her 30’s and very little interaction with her mom. Lucky they weren’t back and forth talking  with me in the middle. Silence at times is golden. Especially in the clouds.

Once I land, there are no complaints, just feelings of enormous gratitude  Observing only. It does seem that a  lap top and ear phones are necessary, a book or newspaper,  not personal interaction.

If someone sat next to me and quietly said “have a safe flight.” That would be lovely……and enough!!!

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  1. Katherine M said:

    Flying is no longer pleasant.

  2. I recently wrote about flying and I do try to be polite…a smile and common courtesy go a long way. Happy 4th of July, Paulette 😀

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