Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

July 2015

mother nature is a man and other observations..

There once was a woman who lived alone. She sang soulful songs at a local café. A very very young man played tenor sax at the same club. He was into his own music. Playing smooth jazz, his body moved slowly to the sensual beats and rhythms of the sounds he created.
The woman watched and listened to him. Their mood evoking music connected them in a strange, almost mystical way.
For eight years, they said hello to each other——one word only. And the years went by, and he was still a very very young man.
One night, after an unusually long set, they said more than hello. Many phone calls later, talking about everything, Mr. Tenor Sax, Hank told singer Maude that he wanted to be with her. He thought about her. He found her attractive. He desired her. Singer Maude was so very flattered. She created lovely fantasy…

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Comments on: "A Personal Story : Allegory/Alleglory" (1)

  1. Katherine M said:

    Music does connect people. True and this is more about chemistry as well. Thanks always for your comments.

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