Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

………..and yet again a new way of non verbal communication.  The tech age has scored again? Maybe not. This is not just a way of non communication for men. Women are doing this as well.

I always associated ghosts with Halloween or creepy scenes in a scary movie. This is not far removed from that. It seems when a man or woman want to end a relationship, whether long or very short, it is done with no words. Nothing. No closure. Nothing. I just spoke with a young woman who went out with a guy  four times and had a great time each time. Then zero. He disappeared. She was sure he had died.  She never heard from him again, and he never answered her many calls, texts, emails. She didn’t want to be accused of being a stalker, so she gave up. Read recently that women are doing the same thing. Seems the easy way out. I could never do that. It seems to me you lack courage and very cowardly when decency and consideration are missing. Forget integrity entirely.

Have you heard the expression, “there are plenty of fish in the sea?” What sea? Sadly so many fish are becoming an endangered species.

I don’t believe in ghosts and aren’t they dead……anyway……….




Comments on: "Enter The Age Of The Ghost Solution" (3)

  1. I’ve recently heard about this “ghosting” thing. I agree it is a cowardly way out. I don’t understand people who do this! 😦


    Read about this a couple of weeks ago….
    Man’s (and Women’s) inhumanity to Man.

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