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Women and Choices?

I would like to say in no way do I consider myself a therapist or expert in women’s issues. I AM a woman, and I have lived to an age where one hopes wisdom arrives at the same time. Through my volunteer work, when I lived in New Jersey, another lifetime ago, and up to today, I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of women of all ages. 18-98. For  good reasons, women relate to one another.  My words  do not come from anger, nor  am I  a male basher.  I had the most wonderful husband, have two devoted loving sons, and grandsons…Never had horrible experience with a man. The only rejection in my lifetime, a pretty good record, and not about to repeat here, was and is on my blog A Short Sad Story. Allegory/Alleglory was about a humorous, bright, good-looking guy,I believed enjoyed himself more than wanting any kind of relationship. He said he was sincere, but intuitively I thought otherwise. Acquaintances now, and enough said about that


No matter what strides women have made since the feminist movement, and there have been many. College and career choices …….. but what about  socially? Just had  conversation with some women in their 20’s. A man still has to say the magic, to some, words, “Will you marry me.” Even calling a guy after a date is not easy. Women generally wait  to hear first. Women in their 30’s say a man may take you out twice and things were great…Did he call a third time?  Now what? She finds out he’s taking out a woman in her 20’s…… Sadly many women I have spoken to 65+ may miss the human touch in a very real sense. I know the word sex is rarely mentioned in the “vintage” community, other than to make fun of, in a less than dignified way, Personally I will say, a sad void in my life unless one wants to count “self-love.” Not exactly the same,  perhaps for some, better after listening to various experiences women have  had. I One man said, and he thought it was a compliment,  “you could get laid by any guy out there.” Well, it’s going to be 11 years and that hasn’t happened. Also need  to add on a a personal note,  that  is not easy for sons to separate the woman from the mother. They are definitely not  interested in the words yearning , needs,  etc. The word companion sort of appeals to them. They would love to see me happy, but not so much interested in what would really make me happy. Back to that ridiculous remark. Most women, not all, are very much interested in a man making love. Sadly not that many men know the art and it is an art form.

The choice women have? Not so sure……………………………………………My choice though is the  choice of not searching for some illusive dream. I will never give up the hope there might be someone wonderful out there, but he will just have to be in my path  so I can see him. It’s all a matter of luck……in my opinion……

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  1. Very nice post!! Thanks

  2. As always.. poignant words my dear. Women and society and some men have come a long way in the way they take care of one another. I agree 100%, the “art” of making love is not prolific in people. I know women who have no clue what that means either. It goes both ways and there is so many emotions tied up in it, that I can’t fathom how anyone can say “It’s just sex” because it isn’t. I could get on my soapbox about this one, but I don’t want my comment to turn into a post! LOL!
    I don’t think it is an elusive dream sweety… I think the right person will quite literally drop from heaven right in front of you! 🙂

    • are… are so many emotions. geez, my grammar ain’t all that good today! 😉

    • Love your words Courtney….so true about women as well. With one out of two marriages ending in divorce, the word romance is literally out the window and both are at fault. We should do article for New York Times together…Modern Love section. Just the way we met is fun. Thanks for Twitter follow. Different picture etc…Your words hopefully will come true and I will surely blog about meeting the “right person.”: I will gladly step out of the way so he can drop in front of me….

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