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Body Image (for women only)

I never thought I had any body issues……slender all my life so weight never a problem. I have been doing yoga, walking, weights, forever……but at almost 100, well not exactly, but goes without question, your body ages. It comes with the vintage title. Not complaining, just observing.  Health is the all important issue.

Now to the gritty part…there is one answer to all the questions…Just not a pretty sight.

I don’t scrutinize myself when I get out of the tub/shower. Easier not  to look. See above why.

I once told a nameless almost, who shall remain that way, that “maybe but under the covers and with only a  tiny votive candle for lighting”.  A red Burka would replace any thought of lingerie that I purchased on Ebay for $28. Poor investment since nothing ever happened. Fortunately.

So, I stopped wearing sleeveless tee shirts years ago….moved to cap sleeves…..then graduated to above the elbow…not too long when below the elbow, and that worked for years. See above why.

Anyone know where I can buy fine cotton tee shirts, not made in China, that go to just below the knuckle?



Comments on: "Body Image (for women only)" (5)

  1. susan schrenzel said:

    FUNNY…..but not really.

  2. If I read written by someone else, my reaction would be the same. Perhaps too relatable! Always appreciate your comments. Thank you……

  3. I was hoping you knew where I could buy the “tee”

  4. Good column…let me know if you find those good quality cotton tees that go to below knuckle! Love your column about Barry’s birthday.

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