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Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, and I would like to wish all my followers the most beautiful holiday season filled with joy, nourishing food, family, and friends…and the most important…good health to enjoy it all.

A few updates. I was going to write about comparing Tinder to Stitch and decided after leaving Tinder rather quickly, that there is no comparison. One allows anyone to be on, and the other verifies so you feel safer when seeing profiles. Another feature for men and women who would like to travel or meet in a non threatening atmosphere like an event, Stitch provides that atmosphere. Have I met someone? No, but that’s a reason to write about finding another love. For me, maybe not. Still a maybe thought, just not a priority.  I enjoy running events at the Comic Strip because a great reason to laugh together. I recommend Stitch as an alternative to internet dating sites. They are always willing to help whenever a tech issue comes up, or any other problem. Very important.

Also updating…A Short Sad Story is still A Short Sad Story…..Sadly…..but way behind me emotionally so that’s good. Allegory,Alleglory?  In some form of keeping in touch. Not a friend except in the tech world. Always will be an acquaintance. Regrets? Such a waste of time as is guilt.  When Bershan Shaw gets her site updated I will be writing for URAWarrior again. In the meantime, working on a piece about Happiness.  What is the illusive emotion many seem to search for.  I know for me, contentment and forever grateful is far more important, because its easier to attain.

During this year, have met many new friends and you know who you are. Beautifies my Friendship Garden. So many more beautiful flowers. Toxic plants are all gone.

May The New Year bring everyone some hopes and dreams that become a reality. I’ll drink to that. I value all of you who support and enjoy my words. Cheers!!!!!!

Comments on: "Holiday Season" (14)

  1. Cheers, my dear friend!! May the holidays bring you many blessings and moments of joy and love.

  2. I pray you have a wonderful holiday season Paulette! I know it will be filled with peace and happiness! I am so blessed to have found new friends through my blog…
    Love, Kim/Courtney 🙂

  3. Well put and enjoyable. I leave Mexico next week for the snow covered mountains of Montana. I give myself three weeks then back to the ocean. Cheers!

  4. Have a splendid Christmas Paulette, with best wishes for 2016.

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