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A Note to Santa

mother nature is a man and other observations..

Dear Santa,
How about Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men, Women, Children, and Animals…..Let Kindness Reign…Please…     This was originally written December 23, 2013. What has changed for the better? Innocent people are still being killed. War is still with us. Child and animal abuse still going on. Women still struggling to have rights. When do things get better? Trump or Clinton will actually do something that hasn’t been done before? I try to  live a positive mellow life as best I can, but not feeling safe in my own city is frightening, and that is getting worse not better. I meditate and practice yoga and the philosophy of Buddhism, but at times, the news that I try to avoid is always there. The simple answer is just to live our own lives with kindness and the larger answer? There are no answers.

May all who reads this be healthy…

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