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Just a Number….but…..

I try diligently to stay away from doctors. I do remember going when I was younger, and how comforting when one would say, “I’m giving you the same advice I would give my mother.”

Fast forward to the present time. If a 70-year-old doctor tells me the same, I may think differently.

Perhaps throwing myself in front of a fast moving truck.

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  1. Oh NO… don’t do that!!!! But take care of your health. Don’t assume that going to the doctor is always bad news. Just because you ignore something, it won’t always go away… 🙂

    • Not to worry Courtney. I do go when necessary….post was meant to be humorous though because you do have older doctors telling you those words, and I find funny. I was raised though….. with if it doesn’t go away in a week, see a doctor, and also if you look for trouble you will find. My brother is a psychiatrist for over 50 years and feels the same. He has seen patients who have been put on way too much medication. I believe there are times when you can “heal thyself.” Lets try and stay healthy, that’s the most important. xo Always enjoy reading your comments and thank you.

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