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New Years Resolutions…Not

Have never made a New Year Resolution and never will. I think they are made to be broken. The gyms seem to be quite filled the first week in January and not so much in February. Whatever works…..  just wanted  to write for the New Year, two quotes. One is mine..

” You take from the present, when focused on the past.”

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Satchel  Paige

I wish you all  Good Health, Safety, and  Joys in the New Year.      Paulette

Comments on: "New Years Resolutions…Not" (2)

  1. Love the quotes! And I do not make New Year’s resolutions either. I do not believe in them. I know some people make them and stick with them. But my thought is… why wait until Jan 1. Why not make those changes today?? Aug 10th or March 5th?
    Happy New Year my friend! I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for you!! 🙂

    • Thank you always for your wonderful words. What you say is so filled with truth. Happy New Year my friend and wish the very same for you. May 2016 be filled with joy and some happy surprises.xoxoxo

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