Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


So finally a decision was made about our book. I have a co-author, and we have been writing our book for over 35 years. My husband encouraged us from the beginning to “go for it” and finish. We didn’t. When he died my co-author said ” we are going to finish for Barry”. We  did. A 90,000 word women’s humor fiction novel.  I love this book. I love the concept and the friendship between these two characters, and they are characters.

We went  through the process of trying to find an agent and then a publisher. We had one agent, sort of, who liked the book and sadly  died before she had a chance to take to  publisher. Although the book was written by the two of us, if not for Barbara, the book would have never been in any shape to show anyone. She was an editor and knew how. I can  write, but going on Word is a Process unknown to me, sorry to say. To make this story short, we received only about seven rejections, but that was enough for Barbara to reverse gears. The book sat for quite a while. Several agents said it would make a good movie….now even more so because of great parts for women over 50. It is not against men …How could it be when I had an extraordinary husband, two fantastic loving sons, two awesome grandsons and two great nephews. It’s a fun read with a happy ending.

The publishing business is not an easy one to crack being first time authors. Both of us have been published, but this is our first book. Self publishing always had a stigma, but then a self publisher won the Pen Award and the stigma no more. It’s a way of getting your work, hopefully read, and then you never know. It’s magical thinking of course, but like everything else, something wonderful could be in the future with “our baby.”

To let query letters sit on a desk somewhere or wait a few months to hear yes or no, is just too frustrating and we decided to publish on Kindle as an e-book and Create Space as the print copy…The name of our book is Circle. Please stay tuned since I will be posting  this process.

Having  head shots taken for the cover next week and that should be exciting. We are now changing the ending and receiving copies back from the editor with all the mistakes we knew we never made.

This is our time. This is Circles time. This is a fun and exciting time.

One word of caution to my family….and  friends, past and present. No questions as to how much is from life and  how much is imagination.

Keep tuned………………………………









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  2. Katherine M said:

    Great!  Congrats!

    Thank you

  3. Wonderful News my dear! I will send good vibes your way!! 😀

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