Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Delete….Verb….to  strike out or remove {something written or printed} cancel, erase, expunge..

In this new age of technology I think people might be added to the mix. On any social network, you can unfollow, unfriend, unmatch.  So easy to just, and I say a bit harshly, get rid of…..Without the most important element. Communication. So much not to say, these days when texting has taken the place of actually phone contact. I do the same thing with one big but. On Twitter and I have almost 5,000 followers, I never unfollow unless someone does to me. Same with Facebook. I don’t unfriend, On any Internet Dating Site, I definitely use the lifeboat and unmatch quickly.

I must have been in a 50’s haze to think  that communication is better than ghosting.

But then again, taking the easy way out is easier for some. DELETE!!!!!!!!

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