Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

So, I’m actually having some “chats” with some Tinder acquaintances that are not holding a dead fish or tattooed from head to toe.  A few I unmatched, and a few unmatched me before I was able to do the same. One guy was gloomy, sad and had a very dark energy. He said he was a writer and lived on UWS. Not a surprise. After carefully looking at his photo, I decided to see what “his writing” was about. Asked if I could read some and if he was published. He unmatched me. I guess too much info for him to give out.  He also appeared to be as much fun to be with as a migraine or cluster headache. Judging, you bet. That’s what you do on Tinder. Unlike all other sites, especially my favorite, Stitch, there is no profile. Age, photo, and college name, and perhaps one other sentence. You’re basically going on looks alone. Shallow perhaps, but it is what it is. Tinder started as a site for 20 somethings looking to hook up.
Hooking up is not in my DNA. Even if it was Paul Rudd…

They had a positive write-up in New York Times, and their reputation now has changed. I still think I’m the oldest, not even woman, but person on the site.  Of course many catfish. If I suspect one has matched with me, I always say, I’m on writing about catfish, and once volunteered with the police department, having been trained to do so in New Jersey on a Domestic Violence Crisis Team. The red flags fly, but they quickly swim away. I have suggested Stitch to some of the nice guys.

Had all intentions of meeting a few for a drink and then I chickened out. The “seems like a good idea” quickly changing to “what was I thinking?” is something I would like to avoid.

There is a lawyer that very much wants to meet me and that is difficult to refuse since he seems nice. Am I overly anxious to meet him? Not really.

He asked what I was looking for in a man. I thought for a few seconds and came up with this answer. Number one Chemistry. Also important is sophistication,  sensuality, kindness, sense of self and humor, and last but not least, to be genuine and have integrity. Did I leave anything out? Oh yes, age appropriate. ……That always seems to be left out and will also apply to any other comments on my part…..for now…..

Back to the lawyer. I asked him the same question he asked me and this was his answer. “Interesting, intriguing, honest, warm, fun to be around. Playful like a kitten and strong as a lion.”

The playful thing was a little much, and his next message was “are you playful.” I like a bit of sarcastic humor but not sure how he would react if I said, “Well, if you throw me a ball, I may not fetch.”  There are so many ways I would describe myself. Playful would not be in the top ten if we haven’t met.

Gloria Vanderbilt is 91 and still looking for magic to happen.

I’m thinking of taking a course in becoming a magician…

What ever happened to the phone call a single woman might get. “Have I got a great guy for you.”

I will never stop believing in Rainbows, but as I have always said to friends, I wish you realistic rainbows. Enjoy the colors, but find your own pot of gold.

Comments on: "Thank you, but No Hummers, Hairpieces, or Hunters" (7)

  1. Love this commentary… you and I think so much alike 😉
    Our “old-fashioned” ways are just our way….
    I know I have said this before, but I can’t imagine being single at my age. If, God forbid, I find myself single again, I think I will stay that way for a long time. I would want the exact same things in a relationship I have now and I realize I am very spoiled. That would be difficult for me to find again I think. And you and I have the same opinion in what we would want in a man 🙂
    Your lawyer friend sounds interesting tough. Maybe get more clarification on what “playful” means to him? Everyone has a different opinion on that word. 😉

  2. I will meet him. I love and appreciate your support

  3. Alan Shaw said:

    Interesting observations, hope you post more 😊

  4. Thank you Alan.,Will do. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate, Paulette

  5. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Great column!

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Thank you Ronnie, Thank you

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