Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

When I was young, it seemed people you loved never moved away. At least not far away.
I’m not complaining because I am forever grateful to have sons that at least live in this country. My oldest fortunately lives a bus away with his family. My granddaughter in NYC fortunately.
My younger son and his family live in Southern California, and my two grandsons live there when not in college in Idaho.
My very special birthday was celebrated and made even more special in California when we were all together. Never enough time though….So my younger son came for a visit last week. He wasn’t even able to stay a full week. I realized as I do every day that you must focus on the positive. At least he was here. At least we had some laughs…and he had enough food that he doesn’t get very often in California to last, at least another year.
So instead of focusing on the fact he lives tooooooo far away, I’m looking forward to his next visit or mine to California.
It’s all about being grateful for what I have, and exalting in that feeling.
And that’s just the way it is. Any parent that has adult children or grandchildren living a distance away knows exactly the feelings I’m having right now. He left a few hours ago. Hopefully safe and sound on the West Coast tomorrow. His flight was delayed so long that he will miss his connecting flight in Atlanta, Hotel vouchers were handed out, and he’ll spend the night in Georgia. Think that’s the name or should be of a song…
No matter how old they are, no matter how far away they live….the love just increases…

Comments on: "When A Short Visit Just Isn’t Enough" (5)

  1. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Tried to post a treply but log in did not work…but loved the article…poignant, somethingvI totalky id with, and you have the best remedy…gratitude…

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  2. Got this dear Ronnie. Always appreciate your comments .. Another think I’m grateful for, is our friendship

  3. Aww… so glad you had a good visit with your son. It is awesome you have a good relationship with your kids and grandkids. I wish I had that with my mother. So many of my friends have lost one or both of their parents and do not understand why things are the way they are between us. I don’t explain because I don’t want to put myself through the mental exercise of bringing all that toxic crap to the surface. So I just change the subject and go on. I am truly happy to know there are people who have wonderful relationships with their loved ones… your totally rock!~

    • Thank you for your kind words. I used to work on a women’s hot line called WISH…Women In Self Help..More sadness brought on by family situation. I know..I was hated by my husbands family and I use the word hate rarely. It took me so many years to realize it’s them not me. They haunted me with their negativity or shall I say, I allowed it. When I finally empowered myself and took the power from them, I was out of emotional pain. I am forever grateful to have good relationship with my children and grandchildren. That’s the core of you and some wonderful nurturing friends. Always taking away the toxic ones from my life. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. Toxic crap is just that. Wow could we have a good conversation and a glass of wine dear Courtney.I was also estranged from my father for the last twenty five years of his life and I was just fine with that. Interesting I once went to a psychic who wrote a name on a piece of paper. He told me he wants to be forgiven and it was his name. Sending love to you…

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