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Nuts and Seeds

I’m not going to write about politics. I do enough of that on Facebook. It’s rather like a wonderful support group. I’ve never been in a true support group other than friends and family. This is mostly strangers all feeling the exact same way and very comforting.
I’m not going to write about Valentines Day since I already did that, several times over the years, and not much has changed. My Valentine Love died over 12 years ago, and no one has come close to my heart.
I’m not going to write about dating sites since I covered almost all of them, and will only be on where people are verified and catfish are not swimming around their site. I recommend to anyone over 50 looking for romantic or non romantic connections. A lovely and delightful community.
So what I would like to blog about is nutrition. I’m not a trained nutritionist or doctor. Just my opinion and my experience, and at this age, hopefully some wisdom.
I have always viewed food as not only pleasure, but you are what you eat philosophy. My weight has always stayed the same, and would be considered slim. Not going into exercise regime, I’ll save for another time.
I have a nice relationship with food. Have always practiced portion control, and I rarely if ever let emotions drive my appetite. I have had people say “you can’t love food. Otherwise you would weigh more.” That is as false as saying “you probably have no appetite.” Another falsehood. So food is my friend and not my enemy. I do stay away from poured salt and sugary snacks or desserts. I eat about 8 small amounts of food all day. Rarely if ever have 3 meals a day. My go to always……nuts and seeds. Contrary to what you hear, nuts are not fattening. Like avocados, good fat.I eat one cup of nuts throughout the day. Filling and doesn’t create hunger as carbs do. You’re snacking during the day and rarely have a craving. Like beans, they are satisfying. Walnuts are called heart healthy, and you can google all the rest to see vitamin content. Almonds, filberts, cashews,and macadamia nuts should be mixed in a cup. Adding sunflower and pumpkin seeds only enhances the value. There are many other seeds and I have flax and chia in the morning. Every morning I have a square of very dark intense chocolate. 95-100%…I recommend if you can eat nuts…
Never obsessed with weight. I fortunately have never had a problem because I eat what I like and never feel deprived. I would rather have some raw veggies than a cookie. I would rather have a glass of wine when I’m out then dessert. I would rather have a few slices of great bread with olive oil than any dessert.
So instead of going nuts with the news lately, have some to enjoy.
Happy Valentines Day All…..May the love in your hearts keep nourishing each other.

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  1. Ronnie Friedland said:

    Lovely Valentine’s wish…

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  2. Great advice… eating healthy will make us all live longer and healthier lives. 🙂

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