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Global News Brazil

I was asked to do an interview and talk about the Stitch Community. I’m always happy to do this, because I believe so strongly in their vision for a site that literally stitches a community together. People from all over the world connecting with each other. I know this personally. I met a great new friend from New Zealand. Last year June was a stranger, and this year visiting as a friend. It will be a joy to see and be with her again. Makes the world a smaller place. Tomorrow night having dinner with two new friends who attended the Stitch Comic Strip event
So two producers, a camera person and assistant came to my apartment and they were all terrific. I trusted them immediately and felt very much at ease during the process. It took over five hours. It was for a news show in Brazil that talked about different ways of aging etc etc. There were two women that I wanted with me during this interview because I knew their input would be high energy and positive. Michell and Ni, I thank you because as Ni said after seeing the tape, “we were all on point.” Marcie and Andrew from Stitch were pleased and the best news was they had large spike of new members.
The process was somewhat strange because I’m not that familiar with editing and finished product.
As I said they were here for over five hours and the finished product? I think the entire coverage of the three of us was 3 minutes. Marcie on tape fortunately was able to talk in more specific ways about Stitch and that was the point. My only problem…….we were three pretty savvy women talking about age, men, and lack of men, and so many other subjects. Good stuff that sadly couldn’t be shown because of the time restraint.
Just saying, interesting, very interesting conversations we had…..somewhere in the universe I guess…..

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  1. susan schrenzel said:

    That is sad…so much put into those 5 hrs.
    Can the unedited tape be used for purposes other than the Brazil connection?

    • I wish. There was so much good stuff. But that’s my opinion. Producers may have different ideas . But there was that time restraint . I have the link and DVD …

  2. That is so cool! One of my dearest friends is from Brazil… in fact she just got back from visiting family last Thursday. I missed her! It is too bad they can only use 3 minutes of all the footage. I am SURE you and your friends had a lot of awesome advice! 😉

    • Not too much time to give any advice. Hopefully the New York Post video will be a bit longer. What was important is the spike in membership of what we were talking about. A community that I do events for. Singles 50 plus. The two friends from Stitch that I choose to do with me were fantastic and I was absolutely delighted they said yes. Funny Courtney, most of the video was in Portuguese. Hope all good with you. Feels like spring is awakening.

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