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I remember when a friend died, and I wrote about what to do with her name in my phone book. That was easier because I knew she would not want to be crossed out in black, so I used a neon pink to just put a line through, and then when I needed a new phone book, she was no longer there.
Now in this era of Facebook I’m not sure what I’m comfortable with doing. I was shocked to hear of Aria’s death on Facebook. Her daughter put a notice in, with memorial plans for her Mother in Florida. She passed away April 7th after being in the hospital since January with an infection.

I met Aria at a few Stitch events and we had an immediate connection. We kept in touch occasionally, and always planned on getting together when she came back from Florida. She was a beautiful woman from inside out and her job and passion was working with underprivileged women and children. As many described her on Facebook, “she was a magnificent person.”
I was able to delete her email because it would be sad to always see her name and address.
I’m wondering what anyone reading this does when this happens to you. Please share.
I know that I’m not unfriending Aria. The spiritual side of me and she had the same old soul, guides me to leave her as a friend.
What better friend than a guardian angel. Rest in Peace Dear Aria.

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  1. I shudder and reflect when using email and a name-email of a deceased friend or colleague pops up as a choice from the vast email address memory of past emails.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is a hard question. I have lost a few people in recent years and I still have their name and phone numbers in my phone. I just cannot bring myself to delete them even though I know those number are assigned to someone new. I just… can’t 😓 Their names and numbers remain in my phone book as well. It’s all family with the exception of one friend. I had lost touch with her over the years and I accidentally came across her obit while I was looking for her. I was devastated. I had actually tried to reach her for several weeks before that because my daughter had moved to the town where she lived. I had left messages on the home phone… I was astounded no one would call me and tell me. But on the other hand, I found out she had probably committed suicide and it was too painful for them to relate the news to someone else and it had been 4 years. Still… it was a horrible way to find out my friend had passed. I never delete or unfriend someone on Facebook. Each year someone usually posts something and I like to go back and see tributes or leave something on their wall.

    • What a sad way of finding out. It is emotionally upsetting to see the names, but with a new phone book, I just leave out the names. Facebook, I just leave. Thanks always Courtney for your comments. I appreciate your input and interesting how we all deal with different situations in our lives. Spring has sprung her and feels good. xoxo

  3. I have a similar problem. Since one of my friends of forty-six years passed away I have not been able to delete her address. It is a sad reminder that she is no longer here but I still I have not been able to remove her name from my address book.

    • It’s a sad decision. I change my phone book every few years so it makes it easier. I also put sticker flowers over the name.
      On Facebook I leave. Thank you dear Katherine for sharing

  4. Hanging in my wardrobe is a funeral suit complete with two shirts and a tie. Choice of shirt depends on expected funeral tone. I come back with the card handed out at the service and always a wonderful photo of the dead friend. If Ive been asked to speak I make notes on the card rather than write a speech beforehand. These cards sit upright like tiny books in my bookshelf, that outer facing one being the last funeral; my friends’parent, my own aunties and uncles, my own friends, a neighbour,
    I cant throw them out but do have the older ones wrapped in a plastic sleeve with other mementos in my garage.
    Neither have I deleted telephone numbers. Indeed, when one of my greatest friends died I phoned him the next day and left a message based on an interpretation of an Eastern ritual, ‘Walk lightly,Eddie, dont be drawn into the mud of your own dreams, look to the light, look, look, look to the light.
    Í suppose the cards will be thrown out one day but not, I think, by me.

    • Thank you Ian for your beautifully written comment. I hope you keep the cards for many many years. We all deal with life differently and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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