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Lazy Days of Summer

I know there is still time for summer fun. September should be extended into summer. But it’s just a feeling I get when I see back to school and fall clothes being advertised and its over 90 degrees. Summer is the time to just enjoy summer. Of course listening to constant news is definitely not part of the enjoyment…… and trying to limit my CNN constant barrage of bad news. Trying instead to hold on to a gentle time.
I just returned from almost three months in Virginia with loving family and friends. A beautiful time spent away from the city and treasure my times there. I arrived home to over a dozen mounds of mail and all I can think of is the total waste of paper, and junk mail making up most of the mail. All unpacked and almost all paper work finished. When you’re with family 24/7 its perfect for me because of the friendship I have with my family. I know that’s not always a given. When I’m on the train for over 6 hours, I try very hard not to be sad at leaving, but excited to see my NYC family and friends. Spending time with my granddaughter before she leaves for semester abroad and my son and “daughter”, and soon with friends is the reason I’m not able to move to Virginia. So this is when positive energy and thoughts take over. I’m so fortunate to have both places and family. Living a mindfulness life helps…. and the feeling of gratitude is endless. After all New York City is a pretty great place to call home.
But yet, I think of all the discussions, some with laughter and some with tears that I had so many times in Virginia. Not living alone has its merits. My sister-in-law and I talked about our own Golden Girls and living together at some point in our lives.
So which one would I be?

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  1. Being away from family for years… you’re right on target. Reflective for me too.

  2. Nicely said…

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  3. I know you must be glad to be back in NYC. I didn’t make it there this summer which I am glad because I would have been disappointed to miss you. My life is about to get very busy again after having a relatively calm summer. I made two trip to Nashville to see our daughter and the last one was last week to see the eclipse. What an incredible site! I start school on Tuesday and have 9 hours at the local university. I am a little apprehensive because the whole attitude on a university campus is different than the community college I graduated from in May. But I am looking forward to my new adventure.. .
    As for a Golden Girl?? I think the closest would be Betty White (the REAL Betty White) not the character she played on the show because you are not that dumb! LOL! But the real BW is the bomb! Totally love her and I think you are awesome like she is!! 😘

  4. Hey Dear Courtney, Hope when you plan a visit here, I am definitely here!!! You have quite an academic schedule coming up and I wish you good luck. I know you will be right on target with your plans. Your summer sounds lovely with visits to your daughter and watching the eclipse. Thank you for your kind words. Betty White is my hero with her love of animals and her talent and integrity. Just being mentioned in the same sentence is an honor and awesome. We must meet someday. You’re pretty awesome yourself. Sending love.

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