Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Vows New York Times 8/26/17
A very short post with a very long question…
A lovely story. She’s beautiful and Ivy graduate. He’s divorced handsome and chief of surgery at NYC hospital.Oh the elephant? He’s 72 and she’s 27.
I don’t remember ever seeing the She’s 72 and he’s 27. Not relating. Seriously not relating. Because at the end of the article if I married someone 45 years younger?
The brides sons, after the ceremony committed their mom to a lovely mental health facility….Her brief marriage annulled .

Comments on: "The Bride, the Groom and the Elephant in the Room" (4)

  1. Sad story.. but the good side of it that age doesn’t stop love feeling.. heart’s remains young

    • Hi Sameh,
      Go good to read your comment and thank you for following. My post was meant to be humorous, not sad. Age though shouldn’t really be an issue. As you said re the heart .
      Look forward to more input , Paulette

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