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Thank you

Just a quick post to say thank you to all new followers. And of course to ones who have stayed with me. I sincerely appreciate your comments and hope to share some good news re the book that is finally coming out. This concept started when I met my co-author at a wild writing workshop. 40 years ago and of course many updates over the years. We only sent queries about seven times and received good feedback but still rejections. Many agents said it might make for a good film. The book is basically about friendship, a little astrology, Wall Street, a fun plot and of course love. It’s a good feeling to be proud of a creative project. We decided to self publish and have a wonderful editor and book cover artist. Will write another post when it’s on Amazon.
My wonderful husband Barry died almost thirteen years ago and wanted me to finish the book with Barbara. He kept asking me “when?” Well love, it’s happening soon.
Forever loved, Forever missed. Your birthday would have been 9/13. Would have been. We had so many that we shared. So many years together and forever grateful.

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  1. susan schrenzel said:

    Wishing you and Barbara good fortune with the publication of your book. Yay!

  2. Thank you Dear Susan‼️

  3. Thank you Dear Susan

  4. Thank you Dear Susan…

  5. Blessings to you and Barbara for hanging in there an seeing your book published. Cheers to Barry and the life and love you shared..

  6. Yah!! I can’t wait to get your book! How awesome for you. I know your sweet hubby is looking down with admiration and he is proud of you. Keep us posted! and Happy Birthday Barry! 😚

  7. Dear Courtney , As usual, love your words. 9/13 Barry’s Birthday . It’s 13 years and sadness always mixed with joy and gratitude for years we had.
    Thank you and will keep you posted. 🤗

  8. Katherine M said:

    Terrific news, Paula Love Katherine.

  9. Thank you Katherine, Love

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