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Sugar etc etc

I was raised having fruit for dessert and rarely any sweets. So its easy for me not to have a sweet tooth or craving for pastries, and all the other dessert like treats. It seems with many, sugar is the enemy. One of the easiest solutions re craving sweets is having a square of chocolate, as dark as you can tolerate, every morning. Dried fruit is also a good choice because there should be no added sugar and the variety is endless. Eating healthy can become a habit. I have never put on weight eating almost a cup of nuts daily. I need to eat many meals a day, never the three meal thing. I spent almost three months in Virginia and that meant eating vegetables of every variety and color every day. The usual ones mixed with the unusual. Raw and cooked. We never had sweets for dessert, and with all the veggies and grains consumed at dinner, we had no appetite for more after our meal. We dinned European style as well. Fresh soups filled with several kinds of beans and veggies of every color, and of course grains. The American way of eating doesn’t seem to work very well with obesity so prevalent. I have heard people say it’s too expensive to eat healthy. Not true since a can of beans is less than a cake. The saying “you are what you eat” is real. Aging is inevitable and what you want to strive for is quality of life. You can’t have that being grossly overweight, and you can do something about it No one force feeds you. Write down everything you eat in a day and substitute some raw veggies for chips. It’s really about choices. I have people ask me what I eat. Actually I’ve never dieted, and I eat what I like or what my body tells me to eat or what I need. Hummus is my everyday food. Everything in moderation is a given. Try the healthy route, you might like the road to feeling better. Please read all ingredients and try to stay clear of words you can’t spell or pronounce. If a binge in arriving, eat the entire bag of unsalted organic popcorn. I get the no oil kind, and add two caps of olive oil. Not for everyone, but seaweed snax are delicious and they have ones without sugar.
I’m just saying!!!!

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  1. Great advice! I have an issue with weight. I’m not grossly obese but I was feeling bad. It was affecting my sleep and I felt sluggish with little energy. I am on a diet now for the moment but once I get to my goal weight, I will be able to retain it. My hubby and I let things get out of hand and we are both on a good track now. It is fun pulling things out of the closet that I used to dream about wearing again. I have a ways to go but at least we are both headed in the right direction! šŸ˜‰

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