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Clocks Change etc etc

I used to volunteer in a psyc unit and when there was a full moon the patients were agitated, and I read a full moon can definitely affect ones mood. I do believe that the more sensitive your nature, the more you are affected by everything. News News and News to make a point at the moment. That one hour does make a difference with me and the way I notice, is that I have to work harder on myself to stay in the moment with gratitude and not focus on the what if’s or voids that have still stayed voids……but still not giving up on hopes.
This will be a short post and just wondering how the hour change affects you, if at all.
I think in my next life, the sensitive gene might be lightened up a bit………

Comments on: "Clocks Change etc etc" (5)

  1. I feel a little off and time seems to be moving faster, if only in my mind.. Take care, dear friend.

    • Time moves faster and faster the older we are fortunate to become. Friends have told me their sleep patterns have changed and takes a while to normalize. I think feeling a little off is normal especially for the creative souls. Hope all is good Syl…My dear friend.

  2. It doesn’t affect me much. It feels like I am traveling to different time zone and it just takes me a few days to adjust. My dogs don’t get it though… they want their meals an hour early! “What do mean it’s not time? My tummy says it is!” Lol 😂

  3. Interesting but not surprising. It takes me several days to adjust, but dark at 4:30 is not my favorite time of year…xoxo….Hey Mommy, your fur babies think it’s dinner

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