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Too Excited To Be Cool

I wanted to highly recommend Victoria Landis. A joy to work with from start to finish…

mother nature is a man and other observations..

I’m so excited and wanted to share my news. No, I didn’t meet Mr. Wonderful. I once wished on a star, and said if I had a choice of meeting a great guy or seeing my book published… would be the book that my co-author Barbara and I finally finished after over 40 years. I will post about that process at another time. It would of course be the book, because that would never be taken from me.
So today the editor/artist sent us the cover. Front and back. Victoria Landis is a writer, editor  and book cover designer. Thank you for your talents.  I’m so excited, I actually showed it to my husbands picture. Hey, I talk to him everyday and do Buddhist prayers to him for almost 14 years, so of course I would show him the finished book, that he wanted to be published from the day…

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  1. So happy for you! Enjoy the excitement!

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  2. susan schrenzel said:

    This is exciting…enjoy it all.

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