Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I need to practice “less is more.” Otherwise, I will  get all emotional and end up embarrassing those I love the most. So keeping it simple. My youngest grandchild , my only granddaughter, will be finished with college  tomorrow . Leaving Thursday to experience her achievements. Well deserved honors, three graduations. My two grandsons graduated college last year.  Spent their college years in a very positive way. Always thinking of those less fortunate.

What I know…..My three grandchildren, in their own way, I have no doubts, will make this world a better place, a kinder place, and a place that deserves them.

Proud??? Is there a stronger word? Above and beyond proud and forever grateful they are in my life.


Comments on: "Tick Tock🌈 The Years Go By" (3)

  1. Congratulations to your granddaughter, Paulette and you should be very proud of your grandchildren!

  2. Nice posting; hope it is a joyful weekend!

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  3. That is so cool! I wish I had graduated last Sat.. *sigh* but hopefully NEXT May. Now that hubby is also in school, I find I feel his stress along with mine. His task is much harder because he is working full time too. He finishes work, walks into the kitchen, eats supper, then goes back to his office for several more hours. I am done for the semester but he has another week. I am really looking forward to this summer! Proud of your grandchildren also! ❤

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