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A Touch of Normalcy

It’s been over 7 months of semi isolation. Decided to actually go out for dinner with a friend . Outdoor dining of course. She went over to the restaurant a few blocks away, to select a table as far away as possible from other diners. I can’t say I was super relaxed being served by a waiter wearing a mask and gloves. I was happy because all the tables were filled. My favorite restaurant in my neighborhood. The manager was happy to have people again. The food was good and we promised ourselves no politics discussed . It felt a little normal until the check arrived. We would usually freshen our lipstick. Instead we put on our masks to go out in the Twilight Zone. Stay healthy.


Comments on: "A Touch of Normalcy" (2)

  1. Hi, Paulette. I was just talking to you on dial up but sadly our call got cut before we could say a proper goodbye. I just wanted to let you know that it was a delightful conversaton and I aprreciate all the great advice/wisdom you shared with me. You really are very cool and your grandkids are lucky to have you 🙂 I wish you health, love & happiness in the coming year and always. XX

    • Hi Jessica,
      I’m so happy I gave you my blog so we could say a proper goodbye …. or hello to keep in touch.
      I loved what you wrote. Heartfelt. Thank you kindly. I wish you what you wish for yourself😘Also good health , love and happiness in your life.xoxo

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