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Sleep Whenever

Does it really make any difference what time you go to  bed or get up in the morning/afternoon? I live alone during this “time of the masks.” It makes no difference, except to wake up!!!! My daughter in law after 1pm, had my resident manager check on me. He was relieved to find me alive, and I was relieved to be wearing sweats…No need to have anyone check if  I’m breathing. I’m watching television shows I would rarely watch if not for isolation and crazy times. Two essentials. Mindless and not political. Takes my mind off reality. so bring on  90 Day Fiancé,  Married At First Sight, Love Is Blind…….Well you get my point. Also new routine. Text my daughter in law when I’m up.

I don’t binge on food or alcohol, but for sure, addicted to getting away from reality to watch “reality” shows. Staying up until the wee hours and enjoying every minute……with ABSOLUTELY no guilt. Yes, there are good books to read and music to listen. Don’t feel like it At least I’m motivated to do my exercise routine everyday and desk cycle every night for one hour. That’s about it. Clean my apartment and outside occasionally. Face Time with family and friends. Oh, and I remember to eat. Pescatarian so it’s easy.

Saying sane and positive even though I rarely if ever see my family who live the other side of town.

It is what it is, and is what it isn’t, Sleep well ALL………… BE WELL…….

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  1. Since hubby is still working and I would feel guilty lying down in the middle of the day, I don’t take naps and I don’t sleep in too much. I’m usually up no later than 8 am. Once in awhile, I get up earlier or I will sleep in later if I don’t feel well. This weather gives me killer headaches sometimes. But he is sweet and understanding.
    Today I will do a little house cleaning. I do have a tendency to let that go. I hate to clean house…but I always want the house clean, lol. A dichotomy there I suppose. I had someone clean my house for the first 25 years we were married. But it is difficult now with hubby working from home and now that I am not in school, I have no excuse not to keep it clean.
    I need to exercise more. I have missed Yoga for the last week for various things out of my control but I hope to go back tomorrow. Stay safe and remember to check-in!! LOL! ❤

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