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Hi Followers

I have been busy celebrating my big birthday. First in California with my family….Wonder-filled experience. My sons together with their wives together and three grandchildren, all enjoying each other. 21–19–18..Is there anything better? No….If that wasn’t enough, I arrived home, back to NYC and within two days left for Virginia and North Carolina to be with my brother and family there. What fun going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and staying at a Victorian mansion on the beach. Ten bedrooms and what fun. So generous of my nieces husband. 12 of us actually enjoying each other for a week. The last four weeks has been family working in the most loving way. ….then back to Virginia for another two weeks. My sister-in-law could win a prize for the best cook and the ability to make me feel loved and cared for. All in all, the best birthday celebration I could ask for.

Will be back shortly with new blogs. Have had some unsettling experiences with I believe to be a catfish personality and will try to write a little warning to women.

Hope everyone reading this is well and enjoying summer sun shine and many joys. xo

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  1. Now *that’s* a celebration, Paulette! Good for you and enjoy. (sorry about the unnerving experience)

    • Thanks always Angie for your support. It was just that…a celebration and so many fantastic memories. The unnerving experience was somewhat like a David Mamet theme. Need to have some space before I write about it. Hope all good with you. xo Paulette

      • Glad you are well and that you have some space to sort things out. Hope your weekend is going well ❤

      • Thank you Angie. So hot in Virginia and humid….but having good family time. Hope your weekend going well too. Thought I signed up for your blog, but I don’t get email??? xoxo

      • The WordPress gremlins are at it again! Sometimes follows are dropped for no apparent reason. Thanks for yours!

      • My pleasure Angie, but I don’t get emails with your posts that I would like to receive

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