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Channel 1 New York

It was a lovely and fun experience

mother nature is a man and other observations..

i am very excited to share that I was interviewed by Cheryl Wills, anchor on N.Y. Channel 1 News. Two minute segment will be shown Oct.31st 8pm. Will run for every 2 hours through Nov.1st. The interview was over 2 hours and edited. Hope I will be proud of myself and my children and grandchildren will too. Here’s hoping.✨🍀💫

I am happy to  report that the interview went very well. Cheryl Wills was wonderful and made me comfortable. In my apartment and took over two hours for a two minute segment. Fortunately not as much about me as it was about  That was the reason for the interview to promote  Stitch…A new concept in Internet Dating. Members must be verified to be on, and therefore eliminating the ease that scammers go on other sites. As I said in the interview, Stitch has integrity.

Working on a new post comparing…

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